Have ALCO 18-251 Engine? Use the IOW Oil Cleaning Centrifuges to remove more contaminants

IOW MP600 Oil Centrifuges outperforms Mann+Hummel FM600 Oil Centrifuges


A pump station already had two (2) x Mann+Hummel FM600 oil centrifuges installed on their ALCO 18-251 engines but wanted to trial the IOW MP600 Oil Cleaning Centrifuges to see if any operational improvements could be achieved. These engines are overhauled every 16,000 hours and replacement parts are very costly. They have thirty-five (35) ALCO 18-251 engines running 24/7. Oil life was typically 1,500 hours and primary (cellulose) filters were changed every 500 hours.


ALCO 18-251 Engine with 2 x IOW Oil Cleaning Centrifuges

Engine Technical Details:

Engine Type ALCO 18-251 (V18)
Power Output 4000 Hp
Engine Speed 1800 RPMs
Oil Volume 300 Gallons
Oil Type SAE 40
Oil Pressure 78 PSI (5.3 Bar)
Fuel Burnt Light Crude, 27 API


The IOW oil cleaning centrifuges have been designed to easily retrofit to existing pipework. The footprint and interfaces were a straight replacement for the existing old centrifugal technology. The two (2) IOW MP600 oil cleaning centrifuges were mounted on the existing raised stanchion with a gravity drain back via a modified blanking plate on the sump.

One advantage of the IOW oil cleaning centrifuges is the remote monitoring feature that monitors the centrifuge’s RPM performance. The CentriClean SCU0002 monitoring unit will continuously display the current RPMs of the IOW oil cleaning centrifuge and monitor the centrifuge’s run hours. Alarms can be set to alert the operator if the speed falls or when the number of hours run is reached. The CentriClean monitoring unit can also be connected via Modbus to link up with existing systems to improve operations and processes.

IOW Group oil cleaning centrifuges are the only product of their kind to offer sludge monitoring technology. This feature gives you peace of mind that the centrifuge is running optimally.  The data it provides means trends and patterns can be spotted to further improve reliability and efficiency on site. To learn more, visit IOW Group’s webpage.




IOW Oil Cleaning Centrifuge after 250 run hours

The IOW MP600 oil cleaning centrifuges ran at approximately 4,284 rpm at 78.10 PSI. The faster speeds of the centrifuge bowl create a greater centrifugal force pushing even finer particles out of the oil to the bowl wall for disposal. The two (2) IOW MP600 centrifuge filters removed 9.63 kg of dirt every 7 days which was 65% more sludge removed than the alternative brand centrifuges. The previously installed two (2) Mann+Hummel MP600 oil centrifuges only removed 5-6 kg of sludge over the same duration.

Higher RPMs = Better Separation = Better Results



Following multiple trials, the customer now extends the primary filter life from 750 to 1,500 hours, with the pressure sensor not reaching the 20 PSI differential pressure limit (only 13 PSI) due to the cleaner lubrication oil.

It has now been found through borescope inspection that wears on the rings and liners in the engine was significantly reduced through the use of the IOW Group oil cleaning centrifuges.  In addition, following the ISO cleanliness code based on ISO 4406 oil analysis testing, the cleanliness level had dropped three (3) codes. With the Mann+Hummel FM600 oil centrifuges, these engines ran an ISO cleanliness code of 22/19.  With the IOW MP600 oil cleaning centrifuges, these engines run an ISO cleanliness code of 19/16.  When lowering the ISO codes from 22/19 to 19/16, the ALCO 18-251 engine life extension is expected to be double!

IOW MP600 Spinners
provides better engine protection over
Mann+Hummel FM600 Spinners


ISO code 22/19 with Mann+Hummel FM600 Centrifuges vs. ISO code 19/16 with IOW MP600 Centrifuges

The customer was extremely satisfied with the IOW oil cleaning centrifuges that were installed, describing the product as “Excellent!“. They were very happy with the ability to extend the primary filter life span by 200% and the reduction in particulate will also protect the engines’ critical parts from unnecessary wear to give significant long-term benefits to the owners.

IOW Group oil cleaning centrifuges allow this customer to maximize performance, extend maintenance intervals, and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for their ALCO 18-251 engines.

In conclusion, this was a very successful installation reaping many rewards for the customer. Not only was the lubrication oil life extended but the primary filter lifespan was hugely increased. It was calculated that the reduced oil consumption meant that the IOW MP600 oil cleaning centrifuges would be paid back quickly within the year.

To learn more, visit our IOW Group’s Oil Cleaning Centrifuge webpage.