Superb results with Bypass Centrifuge Filters

Engine Oil Filtration using a Bypass Centrifuge Filter



Centrifuge Filters installed on Hyundai Himsen 9H21/32 Engine

A Power Plant customer was interested in potential cost savings of the new IOW MP600 centrifuge filters over their existing Mann+Hummel FM600 centrifuge filters. The main objective was to increase the oil change intervals by maintaining insoluble levels, including soot below 1%, and by protecting the oil’s TBN (Total Base Number) level.

The power plant has a capacity of 20.4 megawatts. This power plant has Hyundai Himsen 9H21/32 engines (1800 kW power output at 900 rpm engine speed) running on heavy fuel oil (HFO). The lube oil tanks are 350 gallons (1,324.8 liters). The inlet pressure to the bypass centrifuge filter is 63.8 PSI (4.4 bar).  They are using SAE 40 lubrication oil.

The bypass centrifuge filter is mounted on the inspection platform with a flange and a large gravity elbow pipe back into the sump.  The inlet flexible hose has an isolation valve and pressure gauge to supply the pressurized oil to the bypass centrifuge filter inlet directly from the engine’s pump. Mann+Hummel FM600 centrifuge filters were previously installed on the engines; therefore, the process was straightforward because the centrifuge interfaces are identical with the IOW Group MP600 centrifuge filters.


With the Mann+Hummel FM600 centrifuge filter, the bypass centrifuge filter collected on average 400 grams (0.88 lbs) every 300 hours at a removal rate of 1.3 grams/hour. The oil change interval was between 500-700 engine run hours depending on the amount of soot and insoluble.


IOW MP600 Centrifuge Filter Results

With the IOW MP600 centrifuge filter, the bypass centrifuge filter collected 1,722 grams (3.80 lbs) in 200 hours at a removal rate of 8.7 grams/hour. The IOW MP600 centrifuge filter ran at approximately 4,300 RPMs using the 4.4 bar pressure from the engine’s lube oil pump.

The power plant typically changed oil filters every 500 hours with 20 PSI differential pressure; now, the filters differential pressure is 17.5 PSI at 820 hours.

The IOW MP600 centrifuge filter was cleaned, and the oil was changed to be able to accurately assess the impact of the higher dirt removal rate on the oil service interval.

By extending the oil change interval and lowering contaminants in the oil, the IOW centrifuge filter would not only achieve cost savings by consuming less oil but also by protecting the engine components from excessive and unnecessary wear. These cost savings would mean that less operating budget is required for maintenance.


With new oil, the objective was to assess the capability of extending the existing 700-hour oil change intervals (when insoluble levels previously reached the condemnation limit with the Mann+Hummel centrifuge filter). By installing the IOW MP600 centrifuge filter, the oil reaches 1,500 hours before insoluble levels reach the 1% limit. The IOW Group centrifuge filter exceeded the customer’s expectations.

In addition, TBN levels remained acceptable with only a 10% reduction on new oil levels.

By more than doubling the oil change intervals, the customer will save on engine downtime and labor rates. Still, ultimately the annual savings on an average of 7,000 operating hours can be calculated as follows:


Cost Savings with IOW Group vs. Mann Hummel Centrifuge Filter

Per the customer’s calculations, they are projecting to save over $17,360 per engine on lubrication oil.  The calculation does not include the cost savings of extending the life of their inline filters and the cost savings of labor. IOW Group bypass centrifuge filters allow you to maximize performance, extend maintenance intervals, and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for engine systems and auxiliaries. IOW centrifugal oil separators come standard with Bowl Disc Technology and External Monitoring for greater efficiency. The new standard for performance in oil separators!

Following fantastic feedback from the customer, they are installing IOW MP600 bypass centrifuge filters on all their Hyundai Himsen 9H21/32 engines onsite to maximize savings throughout their Power Plants. The superior centrifugal separation power of the IOW Group centrifuge filters will maximize savings and productivity throughout the power plant. To learn more, visit our IOW Group’s centrifuge filter website.