Authorized Rivertrace Engineering Smart Bilge Verification Center

Separator Spares & Equipment is trained in the installation, verification, operation, faultfinding, commissioning, and maintenance of Rivertrace Smart Bilge & OCD CM Bilge Monitors. We are an approved verification center, in accordance with the recommended operating instructions from Rivertrace Engineering Ltd. We can provide a Verification Certificate on-site and/or in-shop for your Rivertrace Smart Bilge and OCD CM Bilge Monitors.

Separator Spares & Equipment supplies oily water treatment systems manufactured by Compass Water Solutions, which include ULTRA-SEP, HELI-SEP, and Sarex VG-SEP. These oily water separators utilize the Rivertrace Smart Cell Bilge Alarm. The Smart Cell Bilge Alarm has been designed specifically for use in conjunction with 15ppm oily-water separator units.  It has the specification and performance which meets the requirements of the International Maritime Organization specifications for Bilge Alarm Units contained in Resolution MEPC 107 (49).

About Compass Water Solutions

For over forty-years, Compass Water Solutions has been the leader for environmental and operational excellence in water treatment, oil-water separation, and reverse osmosis solutions. Compass Water Solutions’ products assist customers in maximization of productivity and profitability, by enabling environmental compliance in the marine, offshore, and industrial sectors. This is accomplished by providing systems for oily water separation, reverse osmosis (RO) water generation, and solid-liquid filtration / separation.

About Rivertrace Engineering LTD 

Rivertrace Engineering Limited is an ISO9001 Quality Assured Company and market leader with over 30 years’ experience of Oil in Water monitoring.  The OCD1 & OCD2 were superseded in 1994 by the OCD1M and OCD2M which in turn were replaced by the OCD CM in the year 2000 with the introduction of IMO resolution MEPC 60(33). In 2004 the “Smart- Bilge” monitor was designed and launched to comply with the new IMO resolution MEPC 107 (49) applicable from the 1st January 2005.  Today, Rivertrace is at the forefront in designing new systems that not only meet but go beyond legislative requirements and with the introduction of the Smartsafe Bilge Overboard Security System we hope we will continue to meet new environmental.

About Separator Spares & Equipment

Based in Houma, Louisiana, Separator Spares & Equipment’s Marine Division is a leading supplier in complete separation and heat transfer packages. Separator Spares & Equipment specializes in aftermarket and genuine spare parts for Alfa Laval, GEA Westfalia Separators, and plate heat exchangers. The company has grown from a spare parts provider to a thriving, reliable, global supplier of spare parts and equipment. Separator Spares & Equipment, a woman owned business, and their knowledgeable staff has over 50 years combined experience within the Maritime Industry.



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